The MittFit January 28-Day Challenge


Hey team, welcome to 2020!!!

We had the most amazing year in 2019 and I am going to work even harder to make 2020 better! Starting right here with the BRAND NEW 28-Day Challenge. Something I have designed specifically for January 2020 to allow you to kickstart the new decade in the best possible way.

Things to do before starting:

  1. Join the Facebook group*
  2. Join the What's App group
  3. Download the Challenge Guide, 15 High Protein Recipes, 20 Recipes Under 30 Minutes, 7-Day Meal Plan, Shopping List and My Fitness Pal User Guide
  4. Download the MittFit app
  5. Message Joe to arrange starting and finishing measurements (these will be done at Eddington).

*Don't worry if you aren't on Facebook, just make sure you save this web address!

What To Expect

I have spent the last 8-10 weeks compiling everything I learned from working with over 200 clients last year alone to help you get the best results possible over the next 28-days.

I have put together a lot of written and video based education for you guys and this secret webpage is how you will gain access to everything. Keep on scrolling to find out more about what you're getting for the challenge:

  • 28-Day Challenge Guide
  • 7 Day Meal Plan Example
  • Shopping List & Serving Suggestion
  • Start/End Measurements and Photos
  • My Fitness Pal User Guide
  • 15 Brand New Recipes Specifically For January
  • Weekly Live Q&A's In The Facebook Group
  • Accountability & Support From Me and Other Clients 
  • Yoga Session & Team Meal Out on 1st Feb To Celebrate 
  • The Chance To Win January Bootcamper Of The Month!

What To Eat & When

The workouts are easy. Turn up, do what I tell you to do, work hard and go home. Easy. Cool. Fine. DONE!

Food, now that is where most people struggle. As I am sure you can guess, with over 5 years experience of training people, I have had my fair share of questions regarding 'what to eat for fat loss'. 

I am actually holding a talk on this exact topic on Saturday 18th January 12:15-12:45pm at the Storey's Field centre in Eddington (roughly 500m from where we train).

There are two ways to approach the food aspect of this 28-day challenge; intermediate or advanced.

In the 28-day challenge guide, I have detailed how a 'low carb' diet works. This is incredible for fast results however, it isn't a long term solution and requires an extremely high level of adherence. Some of the best results we got for the 6 week challenge in 2019 saw clients going low carb for their final week and WOW, what a difference it makes. This is what I would consider to be the advanced option.

I won't go into too much detail here as I have done in the guide (download it now if you haven't already) but essentially you cut out all starchy carbohydrates and fruit for the first 7 days. No rice, bread, pasta, potato, quinoa, couscous, sweets, crisps, cake, chocolate and anything else along those lines. Just for 7 days. 

The subsequent 21 days you gradually reintroduce starchy carbohydrates into your diet, initially starting with placing them pre and post workout only. This approach is the one I would choose if you want RAPID results and don't mind making the sacrifice.

*I honestly can't stress this enough, it is imperative you consume no carbohydrates (other than the minimal amounts consumed through green fibrous vegetables) during the 7 days and it is extremely difficult to adhere to this.*

The intermediate option will still see you reap great reward however, it is less intense and therefore requires less adherence which might be a better option for some. If you download the example 7-day meal plan and shopping list, you will see there are example serving suggestions for the different food groups. 

The foods are split up into five categories:

  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Starchy Carbs
  • Non-Starchy Carbs
  • Non-Starchy Fruit

You will need to eat different combinations of the five categories depending on what time of day it is and whether or not it's a training/non-training day. There are more details on this in the 7-day meal plan.

Digital Food Scales

Food scales will help you to hit your nutrition targets with a high degree of accuracy and provide a valuable education in serving sizes.

We always work off the uncooked weight (measured in grams) of food, which you’ll typically find listed on the packaging. However, scales will come in handy when you’re not eating the entire portion.

We recommend digital scales for accuracy, which are widely available and relatively inexpensive.

Shopping List

You’re more likely to make bad food choices if you have tempting and unhealthy foods in your kitchen. Before you start your transformation challenge, make sure you have a proper clear-out.

The next step is to stock up on all the foods and ingredients that will be the staples of your diet for the next few months.

Some simple rules of thumb to keep in mind when selecting foods are:

Only eat food that grows out of the ground or that once had a face.

Avoid foods containing preservatives that you can’t spell or ingredients you wouldn’t keep in the fridge.

Avoid foods that aggravate a known food intolerance or don’t fit with your ethical or religious beliefs.

*Choose foods that you enjoy!*

We have included several food tables in this guide which list our top recommendations for each of the different food groups. Although detailed, these lists are not complete, and certain items will be missing.

If you have any questions on food selection or nutrition in general, head to the Facebook or What's App group for help.