Why Are Rest Days So Important?

Rest days are by far the most overlooked and misunderstood part of working out and trying to improve body composition. Without proper, structured rest days you are in danger of undoing all of your hard work.

There are a few reasons I rate rest days so highly, mainly because they allow your muscles to fully recover so you can keep training at a high intensity but also they give you the chance to review current progress and make any changes that are needed. In addition to this, they offer a great opportunity to refuel on nutrient dense foods, stretch out any tired muscles and overall reduce the risk of injury.

I ensure that all of my clients are resting fully at least one day per week, usually two. I feel like this allows them to get the most from their training as well as reducing the risk of over training which can lead to injuries which, in the long run, will cause your progress to stall.



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