Top 3 Home Workout Mistakes

As I write this, we are coming to the end of week 7 in lockdown and I have just completed lockdown workout number 86 with my MittFitter's! 

Did you see our BBC East interview on our home workouts? Click here to check it out!

Home workouts are amazing and in this current situation they are definitely providing a great release from 'lockdown life' but if you are going to be working out, there are a few things you should know:


1. Intensity Beats Duration - every time!

Most people don't have a gym at home so are more than likely using only their bodyweight or a few bits of a kit like kettlebells or dumbbells so there's no need to spend hours each day working out. It's not exactly like you're queueing up for the bench press or anything. 

Don't feel pressured into working out for an hour a day. We have been doing 30 minute workouts with our clients and they are perfect. Five minute warm up, 20 minutes solid work with minimal rest and then a five minute cool down and stretch off. Get in, get it done and get out again!

My 'go-to' set up is 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest. In terms of exercise selection, full-body all the way. Pick 5 and do 4 rounds back to back. That's 20 minutes done and dusted! 



2. Don't Over Complicate It

In tip number 1, we discussed intensity over duration so you know not to worry about making the workout extremely long and in tip number 2, I want you to focus on not overthinking the workout.

Working out from home is one of the simplest things you could possibly do. You need no equipment, minimal space and as little as 10 minutes to have an affective workout. 

Think about the areas you want to focus on most (while remembering that you can't spot reduce fat loss - more on that here) and choose exercises that will target those areas. 

Want a bigger booty? Pick hip thrusters 

Want better arms? Pick tricep press ups

Want better abs? Pick crunches

Where possible, try to pick full body exercises or superset an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise.

E.g. Bear Crawls or Hip Thrusters into Press Ups. Instead of just doing all ab based exercises.


3. Don't Go It Alone - Join a Community!

The reality of life at the minute is that we are all stuck inside for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week - unless you're one of the Nations Key Workers and if you are, I salute you! 

There's no need to workout on your own for half an hour per day every single day with zero interaction whatsoever. I mean, just writing that sentence was quite dull. 

My favourite part of the lockdown workouts has been having as many as 65 people in 6 different countries working out with us in a single workout. It gives you the chance to see and talk to people you don't live or work with.

Not only the workouts, but we've also had expert guest speakers, Sunday morning Yoga and Saturday night quiz nights - it's been AWESOME! 

There are tonnes of fitness communities out there, find one that suits your values and join it. 

Try us out for 7-days completely FREE here!










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