The 3 Best Supplements For Fat Loss

Hey Team,

How many times have you fallen for the claim on a bottle of pills like “Hydroxycut” that, by simply taking their products, you can lose crazy amounts of fat? It’s okay, we all have.

So are there actually any supplements out there that research supports actually promote fat loss? Yes, there are!

Here are the 3 best supplements for fat loss that you should be using in conjunction with your nutrition and training program to reach your goals...

1. Caffeine

Perhaps one of the best supplements ever discovered, caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that has the ability to reduce fatigue and hunger, increase energy, boost metabolism and improve your workout, and thus increase the amount of fat you can burn.

There are many studies on the significant results that caffeine can produce, but one interesting study found that those who supplemented with 100-400mg of caffeine each day were able to increase their metabolism and burn up to 32 calories more per hour! (Astrup et al., 1990).

2. Green Tea Extract

In conjunction with caffeine, green tea extract can be another amazing supplement for fat loss. The active compound in green tea that stimulates the body to oxidize more fat and raise metabolism is called Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.

Much like caffeine there are tons of studies indicating the effectiveness of green tea on fat loss and, in one interesting study, subjects who supplemented with 366mg of green tea catechins prior to their workouts were able to increase their fat oxidation levels by an average of 15%! (Venables et al., 2008)

3. Whey Protein?!?

How many times do you see a tub of protein powder being marketed with the slogan “Melt Fat Away With This Pure Form of Protein!”??

While you usually see protein powder being marketed for gains in muscle mass and for workout recovery, supplementing with whey protein can actually help you reach your fat loss goals.

One study looked at whether or not supplementation with whey protein for 12 weeks in subjects could increase fat loss, when used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet.

After the 12 weeks, the researchers found that those in the group who supplemented with whey were able to lose 6.1% more body fat and were able to preserve significantly larger amounts of lean mass. We know that more lean mass means a faster metabolism and therefore the ability to burn more fat.

Replace a typical afternoon snack with a whey protein shake. It will fill you up, help you preserve lean mass and allow you to burn more fat in the long term. Or alternatively, add a scoop to 2-3 tablespoons of 0% Greek Yoghurt to increase protein and flavour!


REMEMBER GUYS - these are supplements, they are made to supplement a good training and nutritional program. Always opt for real food above supplements, these just help accelerate fat loss results! 


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