Quick Tips on Improving Sleep!

Is a lack of sleep, or more importantly, a lack of QUALITY sleep hindering your health and physique improvement?

When trying to burn body fat, in my eyes, there are three key components

  1. Food/Nutrition
  2. Training (Resistance Training and Cardio - both have their place)
  3. Recovery/Sleep

Here are a few strategies you can incorporate to improve your sleep!

Turn Out The Light

Block blue light 2-3 hours before bed, or at the bare minimum 1 hour. The artificial “blue” light emitted by electronic screens trigger your body to produce more daytime hormones (like cortisol) and disorient your body’s natural preparation for sleep.
Sleeping Aids

Take sleep aids such as melatonin, ZMA, 5-HTP etc.

Make sure you aren’t extremely hungry or dehydrated. Not sure how much to drink? Click here to check out our blog on The Importance of Water.
Manage Your Carbs

Consume more carbs in the evening which releases hormones to help you relax. I recommend clients remove carbohydrates from their breakfast, unless they train early, and move their carbohydrates to lunch and dinner. Breakfast is made up of protein and healthy fats.
For example, 2-3 scrambled or poached eggs with 1/2 an avocado.
Create a Bedroom Environment

Optimise your bedroom environment, including the bedroom temp, block external lights and maybe even invest in a better mattress.


Did you know that if you lay in a room that was in complete darkness, and you placed a small red light behind your knee, that is enough to stimulate neurones in your brain and increase brain activity.

This is why it is paramount that you create a 'bedroom environment' by minimising light in your room, cutting out all blue light 1-3 hours before bed, not having your room extremely hot and swapping watching the TV with reading a book before going to sleep.

Treat Your Bedroom As a Bedroom

You need to get into the habit of using your bedroom for its main purpose, sleep. If you want to be asleep by 11pm, there are certain things I would recommend:

10pm-11pm no watching tv or looking at any phones, laptops or tablets. Try reading a book, talking to your spouse, doing some deep breathing or just relaxing.

9-10pm get all of your chores, meal prepping and other preparations done for tomorrow. 

Treat your sleep with more respect and it can do wonders for your productivity, energy levels, happiness and mental health



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