Positive Morning Habits

Another throwback to 2018 when I was asked to write an article for My Weekly on positive morning habits that help you get your day off to the best possible start.

There’s no better feeling then making the perfect start to your day. This is made so much easier by creating habits that allow you to seamlessly slide through the process from waking up to starting work.

The first habit you want to create for yourself actually starts the night before and in my eyes, is the most important habit you’ll need to create.

Go to back to your childhood and set yourself a bed time. Go to be at the same time every night and don’t look at any of your electronic devices for at least 1 hour before you go to bed. (The blue light activates motor neurons in your brain making it harder for you to switch off and go to sleep). Instead, try reading a book or doing some meditation.

Now for some, the latter point will be more easily achieved than the former however the more regular your sleeping pattern, the easier it will be to get good quality sleep and effortless wake up each morning.

The next habit I strongly suggest you create is to get out of bed immediately. As soon as you hear that alarm, wake up and get out of bed. By staying in bed you not only waste precious time but you also run the risk of falling back to sleep and missing work or you might end up taking a short nap and be left feeling groggy and sleepy.

Once you’re up, go downstairs and have yourself a pint of water with half a lemon sliced up in it. This will help to kick off your digestive systems and hydrate you for the next few hours. By doing this, you allow your internal processes to run more efficiently ensuring no energy is wasted. Once you’ve drunk your water, make yourself a good high quality breakfast packed with protein, healthy fats and some greens.

Get these habits locked in and you will start each day as perfectly as the last. Surprise yourself with what’s possible by creating lasting habits that propel you into a productive, successful day.

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