How Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that just by increasing your water intake you lose pounds of fat?

We all know that drinking more water is an annoyingly repetitive tip for increasing general health. But did you know that drinking just two glasses of water, strategically timed, could have a significant effect on reaching your fat loss goals?

Recent studies have shown water’s ability to increase a sense of fullness and to reduce hunger, when drank before a meal. In fact, one study found that subjects who drank just 16 oz of water, half an hour before a meal, consumed 74 calories less. (Davy et al., 2008).

That’s a 13% decrease in calorie intake per meal for the water-drinking group, compared to those who did not drink water before their meal.

As I’ve noted in the past, small changes can lead to big results. Although 74 calories doesn’t seem like much, if you used this technique at multiple meals a day, you could decrease caloric intake by several hundred calories and keep yourself hydrated at the same time!

Not sure how much to drink? Use this simple calculation below: 


Your body weight in KG x 0.033 = amount of litres you should be drinking each day!




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