How Metabolic Resistance Training Can Increase Fat Loss

What would be your response to the statement that you could eat MORE food and still lose fat and build muscle? Impossible?

The common approach to weight loss may be dropping the amount of calories you consume by 500 per day, which is average but also a noticeable amount. However, to get extremely lean, I see some individuals, even professional bodybuilders, drop calories even lower. At that point, it becomes much more likely that you will lose muscle, cause an imbalance in your hormones and be left feeling chronically tired and hungry. [Rossow et al., 2013; Kistler et al., 2014; Chart et al., 2014]

So, what do you do?
Improve training and increase intensity in the gym!

Enter Metabolic Resistance Training.

Opposing muscle group super sets have been used since the golden era of bodybuilding in the 80s, to drop fat fast, and there is quite a bit of research to support its effectiveness.

Example superset:

Exercise 1a: Back exercise

Exercise 1b: Chest Exercise

(no rest between exercises, 60-90 second rest after set, performing each set a total of 3-4 times)

This would be an example of one “pair” of exercises. Perform 4 of these pairs and you have a high volume workout. Additionally, with this method, you can also get two training sessions in one (i.e. chest and back).

This style of training is also AMAZING for burning fat! It’s been shown to increase fat burning within the session at double the rate and even after the session, which can be a huge bonus to help you reach your long-term fat loss goals (Kirk et al., 2009).

Even if your goal is to bulk without putting on so much fat that you have to start dieting again, this type of training can benefit you greatly [Wang et al., 2001; Tam et al., 2010] and limits your window (amount of weeks) that you can be in a calorie surplus and grow lean mass.

For most, this method of training allows for a significant increased caloric intake each day, which leads to higher energy levels, a sense of fullness, and increased willingness to see your physique transformation program through! Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose...well, except more fat, of course!

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