5 Essential Fat Loss Tips

1 – Hydration

The importance of adequate hydration has been well documented and its easy to see

why. If you don’t water a plant it becomes wilted and the same is true with the body and lets be honest, who wants a wilted body?


You need to make sure you are drinking throughout the day. At MittFit we recommend the following to our clients:

Your Bodyweight in KG x 0.033 = Daily Litres Needed

(Be sure to add 500ml for every 30 minutes of vigorous activity you complete each day).


2- Ditch the booze

Alcohol is a powerful diuretic and pulls water from your cells which leaves you

dehydrated. No one who is serious about weight loss can afford to ever be in this state. Also,

alcohol is highly calorific, with just 1 pint of beer or a glass of wine setting you back at least 200

calories. And be honest, how often do you stop at one? Get rid of it and opt for soft drinks instead.


3 – Don’t skip breakfast

The staple diet of a coffee for breakfast will do you no good at all when trying

to achieve your fat loss goals. It is said to be the most important meal of the day, and for good

reason. Scientists have shown that missing breakfast will mean you are more likely to snack later

on in the day which is far from ideal and will drastically increase your daily calorie intake. Make sure you eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast focusing on high protein, moderate fat and low carb.

Not sure what to eat? Why not download our FREE RECIPE BOOK?


4 – Stop slacking at sleeping

People often forget that the body does most if its repairing and building of

new muscle when at rest. Don’t underestimate the power of good sleep and make sure you are

getting around 6-8 hours a night. A lack of sleep can cause destruction on the hormones that

regulate appetite, metabolism and the anabolic/catabolic balance in the body. If you are struggling with sleep, try taking 10-30 minute naps each day. Do not exceed 30 minutes however, as you will start to enter a deep sleep and  feel worse than you did before the nap!


5 – Reduce Refined Sugar Intake

By focusing purely on this, MittFit clients have lost 2-8lbs in just 7 days! Put down the biscuits, chocolate bars, sweets, popcorn, fizzy drinks and STOP putting so many teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee.

BEWARE – fruit contains high amounts of sugar as well, so be mindful! Use MyFitnessPal to track your food intake and see just how much sugar you are consuming!

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